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Dear Eurospoor Enthusiasts,


After a thorough deliberation, given the current situation regarding the COVID-19 (Corona) virus, we had to make the painful decision to postpone Eurospoor2020, which was scheduled for 30, 31 October and 1 November.


Gathering large groups of people (approx. 5000 per day) at an international public event is at present not allowed. There is also no vaccine or medicine at the moment. We also expect that during the autumn months, the 1.5 metre society will have to be respected. However, for an event like Eurospoor this is not a feasible situation, because visitors are normally inclined to group together in their enthusiasm for the beautiful model railways and (unconsciously) will not pay attention to the 1.5 metre distance.


Eurospoor is always a feast for model railways. We spare no expense or effort in this regard. It is a hobby event with a fantastic and unique atmosphere that has taken place for 26 years in succession. We do our utmost to ensure that everyone feels relaxed and good at our event and that visitors and participants get an unforgettable model railway experience.


Normally, Eurospoor is a day-long event, but with all the intended measures of the ‘new normal’ it will not be possible for the visitor to see all the exhibits in one day. Visitors will have to wait for each other in many places and will also have to constantly observe the distances between them, which will cause the event not to be experienced in a relaxed way. On top of that, it is unacceptable that the holding of this event would present health risks to all attendees.


Although at this moment it is already allowed to travel between countries, there is fear and uncertainty as to whether all participants will actually be present. Of course, this is understandable, but this uncertainty makes it impossible for us to complete the thorough organisation of Eurospoor.


It is painful, very painful that we have to skip Eurospoor this year because of the Corona pandemic, especially since Eurospoor did not take place last year either. From an organisational point of view, Eurospoor2020 is already at an advanced stage with an impressive line-up which we were proud to show you. Now that we will not be able to take centre stage in 2020, we will unfortunately have to postpone the deadline to 2021.


We would like to thank everyone for their trust in Eurospoor and ask for your understanding and patience. Next year, just like the previous 26 editions, we will present a fantastic event and hope to welcome you all in good health: 29, 30 and 31 October 2021 at Event & Exhibition Centre Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Yours faithfully,



Leo Hendriksen

Amazonelaan 86



Fax. 0031.299-646197


Keep an eye on us through the well-known channels and, of course, you will continue to hear from us. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help.


Kind regards,



Leo en Chitra

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